The Committee 2018/19

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Co-President: Richard Stonehewer-Smith

Hi, my name is Richard, a BSc Engineering Geology student at CSM. In my role as Co-President, I hope to continue the great work completed by the previous committee, increasing the membership from last year. By running presentations, field trips workshops and socials, I hope to offer the members opportunities to increase not only their geological understanding, but also provide them with an industrial grounding.

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Co-President: Torin Bain

Hi, I’m Torin and I’m a 3rd year studying Applied Geology at CSM. After graduating, I intend to undertake an MSc at CSM in either Exploration or Mining geology and then follow this into industry. I’ve been a member of CSM SEG since joining University but decided that in the final year of my undergraduate degree it was time to get more involved. I aim to build on the success of last year’s committee, by further increasing the membership of the chapter and providing a programme of both educational and enjoyable events, both locally and perhaps further afield.

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Co-Treasurer: Matthew Bridges

Hi, I'm Matt, an MSc Exploration Geology Student at CSM. I recently completed my BSc Applied Geology degree at CSM and will be serving as Co-Treasurer for the CSM SEG chapter this year. During my time I will co-operate with my joint-treasurer and the rest of the committee to ensure the smooth running of finances and seek additional sponsorship to fund guest talks, courses and field trips for SEG members. I also aim to actively engage with the CSM community to increase member numbers and participation, in particular within the MSc courses, which I will effectively be representing on the committee.

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Co-Treasurer: Robert Brown

Hi, I’m Robert Brown and I am a 3rd year currently studying Applied Geology. My interests are in geotechnics and this is the industry I hope to get a job in upon graduation. Along with my co-treasurer Matthew Bridges I will ensure the proper handling of finances and seek fundraising opportunities and sponsorships for talks and field trips in the future.

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Secretary: Rachael Lockyer

Hi, I’m Rachael, currently in my third year of studying Engineering Geology and Geotechnics at CSM. One of my interests in geology is the sustainable and responsible sourcing of minerals. This year I will be the secretary for the CSM SEG student chapter, so I will be looking after the administration of the society and keeping everyone informed of the upcoming meetings and events.

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Co-Field trip Co-ordinator: Alda Chimuco

Hi, I'm Alda, a third year applied geology student at CSM (university of Exeter). My interests lie in gemstones, extraction of ore mineral deposits and its impact in the environment. My role, together with my joint- field trip coordinator, is to ensure that all trips and activities runs smoothly by making any necessary contact with hosts in places we intend to visit, organise workshops, and make sure everyone is informed about any requirements for each field trip.

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Co-Field trip Co-ordinator: Harry Atkinson

Hello, I'm Harry Atkinson, the co-field trip coordinator. I am looking forward to putting on exciting trips around the southwest area and hopefully abroad. These trips will focus on sites of excellent economic deposits and understanding the mining heritage within the area.

Academic Representative : Dr Jens Andersen

Dr Andersen is a Senior Lecturer at CSM, the current Programme Director for Undergraduate Geology and an SEG Fellow. He has long been a supporter of this society and its activities. For more information about his research interests, publications and career please click here

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Industry Advisor: Mr Benedikt Steiner

Benedikt Steiner is the MSc Programme Director for Mining and Exploration Geology degrees at CSM.  He is keen to link the SEG student chapter with the international mining industry and currently advises the chapter on industry-relevant matters and events. For further information click here.