The Committee 2017/18

Co-President: Ben Morrison

Hi, I'm Ben, I completed my BSc at Portsmouth University where I was an active member of their newly formed SEG. This year I hope to grow Camborne's Chapter into one of the biggest in the UK and to enhance student's skills by offering relevant workshops and talks from industry specialists.

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Co-President: Alex Christopher

Hi I'm Alex, an MSc Mining Geology student at CSM. I completed my undergraduate degree at Royal Holloway, University of London and the University of Toronto in Canada. My interests lie in gold, PGE's and nickel-sulphides. In my role as Co-President, I aim to ensure the smooth running of the society by overseeing the organisation of  presentations, field trips, social events and workshops to give members the means to improve their geological skills, enable networking and offer a lot of fun.

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Co-Treasurer: Frederic Bolton

Hello, I am Frederic, an MSc Mining Geology student at CSM. I completed my undergraduate in Geology at the University of Bristol in 2013. In between degrees, I have worked in Australia, Indonesia and London in the natural resources industry. My interests lie in precious and industrial metals, and open-pit mining methods, particularly in fiscally and socially challenging environments. I will, along with my joint-treasurer, ensure the smooth running of finances, seek further sponsorship for talks/courses and fieldtrips for SEG members, and increase member numbers and participation.

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Co-Treasurer: Rob Dawson 

This year, I’ll be one of the two treasurers for SEG at CSM whilst I study for an MSc in Mining Geology. I completed my undergraduate MGeol at the University of Leeds and spent a year abroad at Queen’s University, Canada in my third year. As a treasurer, it is my responsibility to secure funding for the talks, trips and courses that we hold throughout the year. This helps to make our activities accessible to all members by keeping sign up costs low. Funding can come from a number of different places including mining companies, the global SEG organisation and the FXU student union here in Penryn. As a member of SEG, I have attended conferences in both the UK and Canada and made valuable industry contacts all over the world. Joining our Chapter can give excellent opportunity to all students – not just geologists – that are interested in careers in the mining industry and related areas.


Secretary: Callum Lees

Hello, I’m Callum and I’ll be serving as secretary for the CSM SEG chapter this academic year. I graduated from Plymouth University in 2017 and I am currently studying for an MSc in Mining Geology. My interests in geology are mineral extraction and the economic implications of mined materials. I aim to provide efficient and organised administration whilst acting as first point of contact for membership, seminars, workshops and events.

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Field trip Co-ordinator: Adam Stephens 

Hi I'm Adam, an MSc Mining Geology postgraduate at CSM. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester where I previously ran field trips for the Leicester SEG chapter. My interests lie in porphyry copper, epithermal gold and pegmatite hosted deposits. In my capacity as field trip co-ordinator, I intend to ensure the smooth running of excursions to locations both within the UK and abroad so as to provide our members with interesting opportunities to broaden their knowledge of economic geology and gain field-based experience in an industry setting. 

International Secretary: John Boden 

Hi I’m John, I am currently at CSM studying an MSc in Mining Engineering. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester where I studied Geology. My interests are in mine optimisation, design and planning. I will be serving as international secretary for the CSM SEG chapter my role will be the first point of contact for foreign SEG chapters. Throughout the year I will be working closely with other members of the committee on enhancing members’ relevant skills in order to best prepare them for industry

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Field trip Co-ordinator: Nora Klunowski

My name is Nora Klunowski I am an undergraduate Erasmus student in second and third year. I am an Erasmus student studying second and third year modules. My home institution is Westfälischen-Wilhelms University of Muenster, at which I have studied for two years. My interests lie in igneous and petrology of rocks and also in ore mineral deposits. My role as fieltrip-coordinator is to organize trips with workshops and excursions relating to the topic mining geology.